My Personal goals

  1. Join a UX design course – take a leap forward in my career – held
  2. Clear my arrears – BE(CSE) – Success
  3. Improve blog – portfolio – think about we can do much more beneficial – Success
  4. FreeLance
  5. Get my salary due cleared – Nov 15k + Dec half sal. – Failure
  6. Pay loan 5k to Arun Sudharsanam
  7. Pay loan 2k to Shruthi
  8. Get loan 800, Manoj owes me
  9. At the end of this year get rise on income – target Money is $8000!
  10. Pet Caesar
  11. Spend quality time with family & friends
  12. Travel a lot more places
  13. Treat my taste buds much more than earlier – Eat more
  14. Gym – fitness
  15. Swim a lot
  16. Spend quality time with Adlin

My Career goals

  1. Sharpen up the skills
  2. Keep track of projects I work on and backup all works.
  3. I need to put full potential in every project.
  4. Process every information with maximum effort.
  5. Refine my workflow.
  6. Strictly follow Timeliness
  7. Sustain in the industry – land on a job.
  8. Engage in every project I do.
  9. Scope of the year – what I did or I will do for the year such that it counts on challenging projects I worked on. Challenges I faced. What I innovated or How I improved the user experience, what’s the proof.