My perfect day, as a UX/UI designer

Image credit: pexels-leon-warnking-979714

User Experience/User Interface Designer by trade, while also contributing & advocating in favor of web/mobile app users/customers, delivering fantastic digital experiences, team building, design management and helping with business growth strategies for organizations of all sizes.

To me, user experience design is all about expressing the business objectives onto the software products; the way people would naturally understand, react and interact with software/web/mobile apps or services which eventually will have to result in offering a wow-some & memorable user experience journey.

My perfect day look productive when I get opportunities to do some observations that stick in mind about an everyday user problem that laymen face while they go through healthcare, travel, insurance claim or restaurant experiences. I am glad that I am able to leverage the observations, learning & understanding to create useful app/service experiences that solve/help people overcome such usability/experience problems, in partnership with those businesses that care about solving such problems to make people happy & their lives easier.


Feel free to share your thoughts... :)

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