Is college graduation required to get a job or achieve the career goal?

At first place, I plead not to misunderstand that I write this to de-motivate anyone in terms of education. I intend to motivate those who got stuck thinking whether to seek a job with doubts in their capabilities, while not being graduated.

To be honest, I have not graduated yet and had set my Career path to be successful in User Experience designing profession. And that was a good start since last year(2014), I got an opportunity at a startup as on Oct, 2014. One year happily experienced starting from being a day-dreamer to a responsible UX Designer, by now (Dec, 2015). Am happy about it, I had become what I used to dream about, when I was pursuing college.

I can confidently say that, to create a product or service, I can work through the entire business processes using my design framework, having improved in my UX Design skills in every project. As most of us would agree to the fact that the startups are the place, where anyone with passion can dive-in to learn, workhard and become what you wish to become as a professional. Learn to face challenges and solve problems. And can position yourself in a sophisticated role.

I was lone designing in the beginning, yet was given complete liberty to play around. I was on my own, self-taught & self -driven. Have to play as multi-players with one joystick. I covered most of the design aspects in all the projects, owning them as my responsibility to ensure product usability, look and feel.

So, in my opinion, gaining skills through work experience is much more worthier than what you can expect from an academic course or degree. If you’re challenging yourself, that’s appreciated. Or else if you’re good with pursuing a degree or a course that’s totally cool.

We all have equal opportunities and liberty to choose and decide what’s right to our conscience.

Hope, the new year 2016 be better year with more opportunities and new challenges to learn & work, to make my Career interesting.

Happy New year!

Below linked an article that I’d like to share with you :

College graduation isn’t important to get a job or succeed your dream career



Ponpal Johnson J K

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