Hmmm, didn’t expect that I would find “It” this way!…

Well, We all travel.

We travel from one place to another. The mode of commute would always be a purposeful choice, for instance, if you don’t have a car to travel across the distance of 150 km at typical conditions with your family, at least common citizen like you will choose to travel on a bus, won’t you.

At the first weekend of October,  I happened to travel on an Inter-city bus that plies between Salem to Hosur (in Tamil Nadu, India).

It was a worst nightmare that night. After a while, it begun to rain and it was freezing too.

Guess, luckily I figured out a way to sneak a peek of the rumbling sky shooting bolts. As I begun to imagine, it looked like a burrow which was dug by a rabbit.


It can’t be. I don’t think rabbits can fly. No, it wasn’t burrow at all. Even if it was true, I shouldn’t be viewing thunder bolt in a rabbit’s hole.

It wasn’t woodpecker’s nest cavity either.

Could have been beautiful black magic hat! but to my disappointment it wasn’t.

Err! Was it a black hole? hmmm, nah!

Soon I realized that it wasn’t, as the hole kind of peed [sorry *:) ] on the passengers, yes! on us.

vlcsnap-2565-04-29-02h45m12s693 DSC_1005-3DSC_0999-1

I was one among those helpless passengers who were witnessing a pool of rain water stocked on the bus rooftop showering in the middle of the bus, all at once. I didn’t expect that I would face the heights of ignorance, annoyance and negligence, one other time. By the way, I sincerely thank respectful transport ministry and the officers responsible for introducing the new scheme of bathing while traveling with all mysterious surprises 🙂

Why this could have happened? how could officials do this to people while they themselves being humans, forgetting to experience what any typical men or women would go through under such circumstances? How can one(may be even inspector, conductor or driver on duty) change these kind of situations from not happening again? We all know our nation is still known as developing country. How can we change it, having said “rule by the people, of the people and for the people”? When do you think our nation be known as developed supreme power nation?

As a citizen of India, what’s your voice? It would be kind to see your replies as comments below.

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay happy. 🙂 🙂


Ponpal Johnson

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