Breaking down barriers – Career motivation


CAUTION: Only for people who want to setup & achieve their career Goal.

In this post, I designed a fundamental base specially for young champs like you. If you can read this now, hope you’re one lucky person who can benefit lots, while sharing this conceived knowledge with your friends.

Ralph Marston said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” With such an aspirational thought seeded in minds, I would like to share some useful information.

Before getting to the point, let me drive you through something interesting.

It doesn’t matter if you who had just joined college or may be in your mid-years of graduation or may be in your final year of graduation or even got your first job. You know what, we all do one particular thing in common. Guess what! finding to know what to do next.

Yes, we’re seekers at all time. Every time we attempt to do something, we tend to start by seeking/searching, re-searching, discovering, exploring or inventing. That’s how we humans advanced this century. That’s how world works.

And now let’s try to recall some of our past memories, let’s seek what most of us had gone through all this while, on figuring out what we have to become.

When you were a nursery school going kid, right from that tender age, one thing you would always questioned thousand times to yourself was “what am I gonna become?” It was not so naturally thought at that age, yet you asked yourself the question several other times as it had been seeded that way deep into your subconscious mind by our friends, teachers, neighbors-next-door, family friends, uncles, aunts,. almost every person you happened to meet would have asked you the same question unaware that you really don’t have an answer.

At that situation, all we tried to do was, to cook up something for a quick escape, hence we either told them lies depending on the mood and the circumstance. Most people, would have told what our loving parents wanted us to say as our dream career in childhood.

In few exceptional cases, we might have come up with some answers that we had influenced by, despite of whether we will make it to the desired career track or not.

Until we complete school education, every other year we would hold on to newly discovered or inspired career goal and stick onto it for some time. When we think about it, we might realize that at some points the curve blending between the reality and the dream career tends to be utter obscure due to mood swing on making proper decisions at teenhood.

We had not asked anyone for help, because of fear of asking, fear of rejection and fear of guilt for asking such simple questions(assuming the person knows everything to whom we ask the questions or the other way round).

Or might have been lethargic assuming that it was not that golden time to take such responsible decisions at that minor age, or wouldn’t have approached right people or elders who would really be there willing to help and guide us.

Whatsoever, at the end of the school education we cram and reproduce on the exam papers for the sake of good scores, why? so that we get seats in better colleges.

Then, few months after exams, during result evaluation period you reach out to random people who would jam your mind with random thoughts, which in turn makes the situation much worse and confusing. Why this happens? because, when you had forgotten what you already thought you wanted to become, you will be in a position to seek someone’s guidance to help you out to reset your goals.

Wait! let me ask you something, does it really matter a lot about getting seat in better university or colleges when you’re not even sure about what you actually going to end up with(as in career)? why do you need good scores actually? what does it imply? Isn’t it as crazy as someone who would want to rush for reservations to fly nowhere.

Cool! I feel it’s still not too late to begin finding and targeting to achieve your career goal even now. I also would like to remind you that time is something that fades away, for instance, though you can read this post once again anytime in the future but notice that you can’t read the post with similar experience the very minute, same time, same date, same month in the same year unless you lie to yourself resetting the time and date.

Where there’s will, there’s a way.

Stay healthy. Stay peaceful. Be happy. 🙂 🙂


-Ponpal Johnson


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