My first blog post


At first place I would like to thank for your support and appreciations.

When I was thinking about writing something really good as my first post, I decided to write about how & why I started my own blog.

WHY a blog?

Ideally, people wanted to start a blog to express their thoughts, ideas or do business or promote their products or help a community or to campaign or to prove their expertise in the field they serve and so on. In those lines, I wish I should start a blog to share my thoughts & philosophies about life, human behavior, mind, world, space, atheism, science, design, technology, food, health, time, learning, travel and photography. Before coming up with the idea of starting my own blog I used to read articles & blogs on random topics which I used to find while browsing over Internet sometimes. Because I would say that there are certain things that really changed my life & the way I think, see & act positively.

Besides everything, I would like to answer for most of you who might scratch their heads wondering why one should create a blog in order to share some crap about what she/he thinks, when having a social networking profile could possibly do the same for free. It’s true that social networking has super powers to “blind fold” even a visionary across few likes & comments for some puppy shame posts & shares. It trends the way people were, and makes them addicted by compelling them to get popular on the network. I did not degrade social media, yet I register one of many cons. The moral of the story is that I don’t wish to swim in an aquarium which is luxurious & decorated that really not necessary for simple life, which naturally exists when the blind fold is unfolded.

I realized that there are so many things I missed learning since childhood as much as I read. Reading dragged me deeper into its whirl. I found NEW myself every time I learn something through reading books, blogs & articles. One of my favorites and the true conversion is the book titled “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE” wrote by Dr Spencer Johnson, I sincerely thank brotherly Saravanan Periyasamy, who had gifted the book and made my life better. My case is one of those after effects of many life changing stories by reading what’s written useful. I always pray myself to get rid of books during school & college days. But things changed a lot better and faster than I ever imagined as I started reading. Oh yeah, Dr. Johnson explained more about CHANGE(in life) & how to face it through a simple story, wish you should read it sometime.

HOW did I start?

On a Sunday evening in the second week of August 2015, when I was reading an article titled “Mind management” posted by David Kadavy, author of the best selling book “Design for hackers(D4H)”, I also read one of the comments which ultimately guided me through tweets where I read about “starting up your own something from nothing”. At that moment, I really had no idea about starting a blog, but there was an insight to start something that really should be useful & interesting while engaging people with good reading experience. So as usual I sat in a lone place with a pencil and notepad, then started scribbling about things that rapidly popped in my mind. When I was done, I revised what I had written. I had cut few lines of ideas which thought no useful and sorted the rest. As a whole, my thoughts were around so many things like design, philosophy, music, space, science, photography., etc. But still was in need of some medium to express those thoughts. I just backtracked the thought process. Guess what! I finally decided to create a blog, because most of the knowledge I acquired is from blogs & articles.

  1. It’s easily available for free to people who strive to fuel their mind for better &  healthier thinking.
  2. Billions of people in the world reach blogs & articles to engage in reading the topics they want to read, unlike they do with any other medium.

Hopefully, will serve for a good cause & reason 🙂


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